When it comes to immigration, Americans have different views on what constitutes ‘an acceptable’ level of immigration

When it came to immigration policies, the country is divided along two ideological axes.

While many in the GOP are for more open borders, conservatives and libertarians are for restricting the flow of people from Muslim countries.

Both camps oppose the idea of deporting millions of illegal immigrants and have generally supported immigration reform, which would require a majority vote to pass.

But in a new survey, Americans from both camps came out on top when it came time to decide whether to adopt a “reasonable” level of border security.

In a poll of 1,000 Americans conducted by YouGov and Pew Research, 48 percent of Democrats and 54 percent of Republicans said the U.S. should be more stringent with immigration.

And while nearly a quarter of Democrats said they would support more stringent border security, just over a quarter (26 percent) of Republicans would support that.

As for the rest of us, 47 percent of Americans said we should be less stringent with the flow, while 27 percent said we shouldn’t.

This may not seem like a big difference, but it’s a key difference that is indicative of the extent to which Americans from different ideological stripes disagree about what constitutes acceptable levels of immigration.

A majority of Republicans (58 percent) said they should be stricter with the level of migration, while Democrats (51 percent) and independents (54 percent) were evenly split on the issue.

The only major division among Americans from across the ideological spectrum came when it was asked about the flow from Mexico.

The majority of Americans from the two groups agreed that the U to not be as strict with the number of people coming into the U from Mexico (71 percent), while just 13 percent said that we should.

When it came down to which people should be deported, Americans’ stances on which types of people should get deported varied.

For instance, the vast majority of Democrats (95 percent) thought that people from certain countries should be sent back, while a small but vocal group (5 percent) disagreed.

Conservatives were much more divided on this issue: just 28 percent of them said that people with criminal records should be removed, while 65 percent disagreed.

On immigration, most Americans believe that the majority of people in the U should be able to enter the country without a visa, and many think that they should also be able come here without a green card.

When it was put to respondents what they think is the best way to handle people from countries that have severe economic problems, Americans split almost evenly on this question: 40 percent thought that they need a visa to enter, while another 24 percent said they shouldn’t be deported.

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