What you need to know about the election: New Dominion immigration lawyer who helped convicted criminal, jailed immigrant says

A New Dominion Immigration Paralegal who helped a convicted criminal and jailed illegal immigrant get citizenship said the election on November 9 was a “game changer” for the immigrant community in Victoria.

Aboriginal lawyer, Peter Munguia, said there was no doubt the election had been “one of the most significant political events in Australian history”.

“We’re not sure how to put it, but the election changed the way that we think about citizenship,” he said.

“The political system is not working for people.”

Munguias election victory is an example of what he said is a “growing tide of people wanting to take a look at the system and make it better”.

“When the system was designed for the past 100 years, and the only way to become a citizen was through a process, people thought it was just a matter of going through the process.”

And we’re now seeing the people taking a look, that’s what the election is going to show us, and hopefully that’s the first step for a new citizenship.

“The result of the election was an overwhelming majority of voters in Victoria were in favour of changing the system, with nearly 60 per cent of those who voted saying they wanted to change the citizenship laws to provide citizenship to more people.”

I think there was an incredible surge of confidence in the community, and we’re all very excited,” Mr Mungunia said.

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