New York Islanders GM Pierre LeBrun talks to the media about the future of his team

New York, NY – July 9, 2019 – New York Rangers GM Pierre Lemieux has been in the NHL since 1992.

He has a unique relationship with the city and has been an avid supporter of the Islanders since the franchise was acquired from the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1998.

While it is a privilege to be a part of the history and culture of the New York Yankees, Lemieus believes the organization should continue to be in New York City for the long term.

“We’re a global franchise and we are a global sports team.

We have a very long history in New Yorkers, and we’re very proud of that,” he said.

Lemieux also said he is proud to be the first general manager to be born in New Zealand.

As the first New Zealand born GM in NHL history, Lemies will be able to look to the past for inspiration for his team’s future.

In the past, the Rangers have had the best record in the league.

This past season they posted a 2-1-0 record, including a 2,547-point pace, which was the third best in the Western Conference.

But in the playoffs, the Islanders have been inconsistent.

They have posted a 1-6-1 record and were eliminated in the first round.

“It was very disappointing, but we had the talent,” Lemieuses wife, Stephanie, said of the team’s inability to win in the postseason.

The Rangers, who are in their seventh season in New England, have been one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference.

But it is their record in New Jersey that is the biggest disappointment.

During the regular season, the Isles went 3-0-1, and beat the Philadelphia Flyers, the Capitals, the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Despite this, Lemiemus said he and the team are not worried about the standings this season.

“[The standings] don’t matter to me,” he told reporters.

“We’re here to win.

We’re not worried.”