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U.S. immigration officials have been scrambling to keep hundreds of thousands of dreamers out of the country for fear that they could end up in the detention center where they are detained at a record pace.

But the latest batch of detainees in the center is far more than a few men and women who crossed the border illegally, the agency said in a news release Thursday.

It includes people who have lived in the United States for years, who were brought into the country as children and are no longer in the country legally, and people who are facing deportation but who are not yet eligible for a green card.

The group includes about 20,000 individuals, including about 800 who are parents, the statement said.

The number of individuals being held at the center in Nogales, Arizona, is far greater than the agency has said would be held at other immigrant detention facilities in the U.N. detention facility in Nantucket, Massachusetts, where some have spent decades, according to an immigration advocacy group.

The numbers show the administration’s efforts to address the crisis of people coming to the U., and its emphasis on deporting people with criminal records and deportable offenses, are not working, said David Leopold, a lawyer who represents the Dreamers, a group of young undocumented immigrants.

The White House announced in December that it would begin releasing new arrivals to immigration authorities at the detention centers, known as detention centers.

The new program will likely be more ambitious than the one the Obama administration has tried to start, with a goal of bringing more than 4,000 people into detention in the next year.

It has already taken in more than 2,500 since the announcement.

The agency’s announcement said the goal is to bring the total number of detainees to nearly 10,000.

The release did not provide any details about how many of the people would be in custody or how many would be released, other than saying they would be “detained in the future.”

The number is still much higher than the number of people being detained at the U,S.

detention center in Phoenix, Arizona.

The administration has said the number could be as high as 15,000 or more.