New Zealand Immigration Department plans to start a trial of ‘social media’ tracking on New Zealand citizens

A new trial of “social media monitoring” is planned for New Zealanders who travel abroad in the coming months.

The program is designed to monitor social media activity on the New Zealand citizen population.

The government will be using a new program called “social sharing” to monitor and report on social media in the country.

The goal is to help police and security agencies better understand and prevent terrorist attacks.

The “social share” program is a part of the Government’s new National Strategy for Counterterrorism, which aims to increase national security and reduce the number of people travelling to and from overseas.

It was announced in March.

“We know that many Kiwis are vulnerable to radicalisation or have already done so and are already aware of the risks,” Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs Paula Bennett said in a statement.

“This new initiative will help us ensure our community is secure against those who wish to cause harm.”

“Social sharing” was developed in cooperation with social media companies like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

A government document states that “social security numbers and passport numbers are shared through social sharing” and that the government “will continue to use this technology for the purpose of monitoring the social network activity and preventing terrorist attacks”.

This new pilot program will start on January 17 and will last for three months.

In a press release, Bennett said: “This is a new pilot project and we will need to be mindful of the security of Kiwis overseas and how we can best meet their needs.”

The New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority said it has been working with the Government on the program.

“As part of our engagement, we are working with our security partners to help ensure the security and privacy of New Zealandans overseas,” the CAA said in an emailed statement.