How to stop coyotes on Texas highways

A Texas wildlife agency says it is taking steps to prevent coyotes from infiltrating its ranks and has installed metal detectors at several of its vehicles.

“It’s the most dangerous thing I’ve ever seen,” said wildlife officer Mike Pascual, who has spent the last few months patrolling the state’s roads.

“We’ve got a large number of coyotes in our areas and we’re trying to get rid of them.”

The agency installed metal detector devices in four of its pickup trucks, as well as in two of its passenger vehicles.

In a statement, Pascuel said the devices have prevented coyotes and other wildlife from entering the agency’s facilities.

“They’re not very intelligent animals,” he said.

“These are intelligent animals and they’re going to use those devices to get inside and find a place to hide.”

Mr Pascul said the agency is also using a technology called Smart Locator to help locate coyotes.

“This is not just a technology for us to find coyotes, but to find the coyotes,” he explained.

“If we have a coyote in the area, we have the capability to find that coyote.

It’s not something we’re just going to throw out there.”

As we go forward, we’re going out and having a better understanding of what’s happening on the ground.

“Pascual said he is also working with other agencies to find and de-worm the animals.”

When we’re having problems finding coyotes we go to other agencies,” he added.”

And if we have something that’s not working, we go and look at the problem.”PASCUL said it was too early to know how many coyotes have been spotted on the state roads.

He said the department would be contacting local residents about their sightings.”

You might not be able to see a coyot, but we’re still looking for it,” he warned.”

I’ve got to say, I’m really happy about it.

I think the people that have been out there doing their jobs are really doing a great job.

“Mr Ruppert said the government was trying to take the issue of coyote control seriously.”

The fact that we’re able to find these animals and the fact that the wildlife agents are not getting in their vehicles, I think it’s a good start,” he told the ABC.”

Hopefully it will lead to more aggressive actions by the wildlife agencies.