Mitten Muzzler: I can’t imagine a world without immigrants, says Mitten

I could see myself living in the United States of America, my husband and I, working hard and raising two young children, if I had the opportunity.

But the thought of having a family and a home outside the United Kingdom is terrifying.

I am so happy that I have a family, and we are all just grateful to be able to live here.

Mitten Mazzler is a British-Australian woman who has been detained by immigration officials at the Migrant Removal Centre in Newcastle since February 2017.

As Mitten was detained, she told The Times that she felt like she was being watched.

She told the paper: I was told that I had no right to leave, that I was not allowed to go to another country, and that the only way I would be allowed to come back was if I paid a certain amount to the MRC [Migrant Removal Center].

It’s just a big lie, I said, and I was never allowed to leave the country.

Mitten said she did not know what to do next, because she was detained without a passport or an ID.

She said she was eventually released after a visit to a refugee centre in Manchester, and told the Times that the detention centre is a nightmare.

She said that she spent three days in detention and two days in isolation, and has been denied food and water since her arrival.

“I have been treated like a criminal,” she said.

“I’ve been told that my name is on a list, and if I tell anyone that I am here I will get deported.”

Mitch Evans, Mitten’s barrister, said Mitten had suffered emotional distress at the detention centres, and described her experience as “worse than I could have imagined”.

“She was detained in such a terrible and degrading environment, where she has been kept in such an abusive and inhuman environment,” he said.

Mr Evans said Middler had been released on bail and was now in Australia with her children.

Immigration Minister Chris Grayling has previously said Mitzinger was detained for “not having the right document”.

He said that Mitzler’s case had been referred to the Department of Home Affairs and Migration for review, but that he could not say if it would result in any action.

However, Immigration Minister Chris Evans told The New Daily that Mitten “did have the right to apply for asylum in Australia, but it is not an asylum application.”

He said Mitte’s case was “an unfortunate and unjustifiable case” and “the government has no intention of interfering with a woman seeking asylum in the UK”.