What happens when you’re an immigrant lawyer in Norway?

A Norwegian immigration lawyer has become the latest legal battle in the country’s immigration policy, as he fights a lawsuit challenging the countrys immigration system.

Norwegian immigration lawyer Hans Wirbjørn Sørensen has taken on a class action against Norway’s immigration system, saying the country has failed to properly assess the asylum applications of immigrants.

Norway’s government said it would defend the legal case and that the country is committed to making sure asylum seekers are welcomed with open arms.

“Norway is committed in helping asylum seekers as we can,” the government said in a statement.

“Norway welcomes asylum seekers with open hearts and embraces the rule of law.

It is not necessary to prove one’s identity to enter the country.

We will always welcome the person who has a genuine fear of persecution, who is seeking asylum and who is genuinely seeking refuge from persecution.”

The lawsuit, which Sølensen has filed in Norway’s Supreme Court, alleges that Norway fails to properly screen immigrants for security risks, including terrorism.

The lawsuit argues that Norway has failed in a “strict scrutiny” approach that requires applicants to demonstrate that they are fleeing a specific threat.

Sølens claims are supported by a series of reports released by the Norwegian Immigration Agency (Norhiviska), a body of independent officials in charge of asylum decisions.

In September, the agency issued a report saying that only about 10 percent of applications to asylum seekers in Norway are deemed credible.

Norwegians are granted asylum based on the countrywide system, which allows for the country to take in asylum seekers who are not currently in the United States, as well as those who have been convicted of serious crimes.

But the country also has strict rules for refugees and migrants who are seeking asylum.