Trump administration to increase border security fee to $10,000

A Trump administration budget proposal includes an increase in a new border security tax that the Obama administration proposed in its FY2016 budget proposal.

The Trump administration would hike the $10.20 border security fees to $13,500 from $9,000, the Office of Management and Budget said Thursday in a budget document released on Thursday.

The increase is expected to be offset by a $1.5 billion reduction in other spending categories, the budget says.

A $1,000 fee for foreign nationals would be eliminated.

The proposal is expected in the 2018 fiscal year.

It would be in addition to other proposals, such as a border wall and a border security spending plan, which are in the final stages of being submitted to Congress.

The tax proposal comes as Congress is preparing to debate and vote on the next $1 trillion spending bill to keep the government open through March 6.

The bill will likely include a series of provisions to keep government operating past March 6, including a reduction in Social Security payroll taxes, which would reduce Social Security payments by about $800 billion.