Why it took the New York Yankees so long to do the right thing after immigration story broke

The New York Times is reporting that a number of top executives at major league teams have been aware of a potential problem with the country’s immigration policies and that the owners have not acted on it.

The report comes as Trump continues to attack MLB and his immigration policies as unfair and ineffective, and with the MLBPA calling on owners to act on a plan that would prevent future deportations.

On Friday, the Associated Press reported that MLB had told players it could not immediately move them from the country without a “meaningful and urgent plan” from the league, citing multiple sources.

That led to a heated back-and-forth between MLB and the players union.

In the end, the union agreed to put players on a one-year grace period in order to resolve the situation, and the New Yorker reports that owners are looking to address it.

However, the team that is supposed to be the home of the New Yorkers for the next several years has been left out in the cold.

The Times reports that MLB officials have been in communication with the commissioner’s office but have been told to wait until after the World Series to respond.

This comes on the heels of the White House’s call for baseball teams to begin immediately deporting any illegal immigrants that are still in the country illegally.