How to stop the Islamic State from conquering Europe

Breitbart News has published a guest post by a prominent anti-Muslim activist who is calling for a national “Islamic caliphate.”

The article is titled “The ‘Islamic State’ Will Never Become a Nation” and is published by the anti-Islamist group Stop the Islamization of America (STI), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.STI has been working to organize people to fight for a “nation state” based on Islamic principles, according to the article.STIs goal is to establish a “state that is based on sharia law, which is the most comprehensive set of Islamic laws.”

In other words, the goal is “to establish a caliphate, a state in which the people will be governed by Sharia, the Sharia-based law that governs all Muslims,” the article states.

This is a far cry from the “stateless caliphate” envisioned by some advocates of a “Muslim caliphate.”

While there are many people who support this idea, STIs goal and goalposts are wildly different.STIC’s goal is a “Islamic state,” which means it believes that Islam must be the state of the world.

It believes Islam is the one true faith and that Muslims must accept its “fundamental” tenets.

Islam is not a “civilizing force,” as Islam’s founder, Muhammad, wrote in the Qur’an, but rather a “messenger” of divine law.STIS also claims that the U.S. and the West should “expose” Muslims to “the truth” that Islam is “a religion of peace.”

In a January 21 statement, the organization called on Americans to “examine the religion” and “exercise their judgment” about Islam.

In response to the Islamic state, STI urges people to “stop buying into the myth that Islam has a ‘peaceful’ or ‘calm’ future.

Islam’s violence, intolerance, and intolerance is a threat to everyone.”

According to the STIs website, its mission is to “protect the integrity of the American nation, uphold its constitutional values, and defend the principles of American liberty and freedom.”

The organization has also published a series of articles criticizing the Obama administration’s policy of accepting Syrian refugees, and advocating for a Muslim ban on American soil.

In September, the group issued a report titled “Blaming Islam for Our Failed Foreign Policy.”

The report states that the United States is not interested in seeing Islam succeed in “dominating the global Islamic community.”

It claims that Islam “must be removed from the international arena” and that the “international community” is “more interested in destroying Islam than promoting the truth.”

The report goes on to accuse “the global Muslim community” of being “radicalized by American politicians and mainstream media.”

The group’s website also claims it supports “a strong, global Islamic State that is not controlled by a single nation, but instead a global caliphate that will be ruled by a worldwide Islamic caliphate.”

It also urges Muslims to boycott the U